Certificates & Verification Section

Certificate Section

(i) Issue of qualification certificates of all the examination conducted by the Board.

(ii) Maintenance of proper records of Blank Certificate forms and the certificates issued.

(iii) Maintenance of record of service postage stamps purchased and


(iv)Issuance of certificates with revised particulars/change or correction  in Date of Birth/Name/Parentage/Caste etc.

(v) Issuance of duplicate qualification and provisional certificate of

successful candidates of various examinations.

Marks Certificates   

(i) Every candidate will be supplied with a marks certificate within ten days of the declaration of results indicating the marks obtained by him/her in each subject for theory and practicals Separately and the overall result with Division/ Grade secured in the case of successful candidates. These certificates in the case of regular students will be sent to the Institution concerned and in the case of private candidates direct by post on the address given by them in the Admission Application Form. 

(ii) The marks certificate may be issued to a candidate out of turn within three days of the receipt of the application on payment of additional fee of Rs. 80/=

(iii) Duplicate Results Statement or marks certificate may also be issued to a candidate on payment of Rs. 80/=

Note:- The mere possession of marks card, however, does not entitle a candidate to any right or privilege on account of the result indicated on the marks card unless the result indicated is supported by Result Gazette.


All the successful candidates shall be supplied with each fishion certificates signed by the Chairman and the Secretary. In the case of regular students their certificates shall be sent to the Institution concerned and such of the certificates as have not been delivered to the candidates within a year from the date of despatch shall be returned to the Board office. In  the case of private candidates, the certificates shall be sent by registered post on the address supplied by the candidate.

Provisional Certificates

I)A candidate having passed an examination of the Board may, before the issue of proper certificate, apply to the Secretary for a provisional certificate or certificate or particulars of having passed the examination. The application must be forwarded by the same authority who forwarded the application of the candidate for appearing in the examination. Such an application shall be accompanied by a fee of Rs.100/-

Certificate for  appearing in a particular exam.      

(ii) A certificate to the effect that a candidate has appeared in a particular examination of the Board, whose results has not been declared, may be issued on payment of a fee prescribed from time to time.

Date of Birth Certificate.

(iii) A candidate who has not received the qualification certificate after passing the Secondary School Examination conducted by the Board may apply for a Date of Birth Certificate. Such a request shall a be made to the Secretary of the Board on the prescribed form duly filled in and attested by the Head of the institution last attended by the candidate and accompanied by a fee  of Rs. 100/-

Provided that a Duplicate Date of  Birth Certificate may be issued to a candidate on request, on payment of a fee prescribed for original certificate.

Duplicate Qualification Certificate

(i) Duplicates of qualification certificate issued by the Board shall not be granted except in case in which the Chairman is satisfied by the production of an Affidavit on a stamp paper of proper value, required by law for the time being in force, to the effect that the applicant has lost his/her certificate or that it has been destroyed and that the applicant has a real need for a duplicate. Such an Affidavit must be forwarded by the Head of the Institution from which the applicant passed the examination and in the case of private candidates, by the officer who had forwarded his/her Application Form for permission to appear at the examination and the Head of the Institution or the concerned officer must also certify that he/she is satisfied that the applicant asking for a duplicate certificate has lost his/her certificate or that it has been destroyed and that the applicant has a real  need for a duplicate of the certificate.  The fee for issue of such duplicate certificate shall be Rs. 450/- which must be paid along with the application and the Affidavit and is not refundable if the request for the Duplicate is rejected.   Provided that the candidate applying for duplicate certificate shall be required to put a notice in any local news paper alongwith his/her photograph to the effect that he/she is applying for duplicate certificate and objections if any may be conveyed within one week to the Board of School Education Jammu/Srinagar, as the case may be.

Fresh certificate with Revised particulars

(ii)  Notwithstanding anything contained in the above Regulation, fresh certificate shall be issued with revised particulars on payment of Rs. 350/- in the case of candidate in whose favour change in date of birth, name or father’s name, etc., is sanctioned by the competent authority.

Provided that  the officer authorised to sign  such certificates under these Regulations shall certify in each case that the original certificate was produced before him  and destroyed by him.

Certificate of Position in the Merit list        

A certificate to be  signed by the Chairman or Secretary indicating the position of merit (for the first 20 positions in the case of Secondary School Education and for the first 10 positions, faculty wise,  in the case of Higher Secondary Examination Part II in the pass list may be issued to a successful candidate.

Provided that Merit Certificate shall be issued to such candidate only who has secured Ist Grade/ Division in the respective examination.