Chairman's Message

I t has only been a few months since I joined as Chairman, J&K State BOSE. The assignment spells out expectations as well as challenges. In the main my effort will be to work for the promotion of this organisation by bringing it on a par with the national standards. Each home in J&K shares a bond with this organisation one way or the other. It is, therefore, our responsibility to come up to the expectations of all the stakeholders. The process has just begun and much needs to be done to give BOSE a firm orientation. Though the main function of BOSE is to hold public examinations of class X and XII, declare results and grant certificates, it also prepares and prescribes courses of instruction, syllabi and curricula. The task of conducting examinations is not easy especially in the snowbound areas of Gurez, Machil, Tangdar, Marwah, Warwan and parts of Kupwara where the BOSE employees with the help of the Divisional Administration step fearlessly to accomplish the job and the Secrecy Section works tirelessly to declare the results within stipulated time. The vision of the BOSE is to provide academic leadership and achieve excellence in the development and implementation of a academic plans for the students apart from contributing in the making of quality, just and equitable system of education in J&K. The broader aim of BOSE is to advise J&K Government on policy matters related to the School Education Department. Our education system has long been plagued by a great many stereotypes. But we are lucky enough to have an Education Minister who wants to remove the rot. With such a person in command, it would not be impossible to give the system a facelift. The J&K State BOSE is committed to contribute in streamlining the whole education system and bringing in reforms to keep pace with the contemporary trends in the field of education. The teacher in me inspirits me to focus on academics which is the backbone of every educational institution. Though BOSE has been continually reviewing and revising the syllabi, curriculum and textbooks in the light of NCF 2005, more needs to be done from the perspective of a child and presentation, style, format, narrative technique and printing quality of the textbooks to make the teaching learning process interactive and playful. It is also necessary to arrange for collaborations between sister departments of education to yield better and speedy results. This can be done when the teacher fraternity is given due cognizance. BOSE will have to heed to teachers, subject experts, academics and eminent educationists. It has been rightly said, ‘A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.’ The need is to encourage collaborative learning in classrooms where the teacher does not impart information but also takes up multiple roles as a guide, facilitator, disciplinarian and friend. Learning ought to be enriched and extended through discussion, logic and reasoning. Being basically a teacher, I have always taught a heterogeneous group of bright, average and below average students. Through effective processing, a teacher alone can transform every group of students into meaningful outputs. The seminal and reformative document called the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Document in evaluation practices published by BOSE needs to be implemented in letter and spirit in the schools of J&K. Introduction of the reforms in the education sector is a road half travelled. We need to reach our destination by implementing the same. Working out strategies and action plan with the sister departments shall always be a priority. As a teacher, I have always been concerned about the students who have an aptitude to learn market -driven courses. The focus area of BOSE will also be implementing vocational education. We need to harness such talent early so that we are able to channelise positive energy and impart practical training and skill to the learners needed to pursue a vocation to be self reliant. Apart from these endeavours, I hope BOSE will very soon march on the Information and Communication Technology path to make whole functioning student friendly. I appreciate the efforts of the team in compiling and editing this newsletter. The newsletter gives me an opportunity to express myself and reach out to all the relevant stakeholders. I am sure the feedback platformed through this will be highly beneficial to the BOSE.