Continous & Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme (CCE)


Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme is a seminal document in reforming the evaluation practices in schools. The CDR Wing has published CCE document for Classes 1 to 12 for the School Education Department for implementation in schools.


  1. Qualitative improvement in education through valuation
  2. Use grades instead of marks
  3. Evolve feedback mechanism for teachers, learners and parents by providing them timely corrective measures for improving attainment level of learners
  4. Use informal means of testing to reduce the anxiety and fear of examinees
  5. Prepare a profile of the growth and development of every learner
  6. Evaluate regularity, punctuality, cleanliness, self-control, sense of duty, desire to serve, responsibility, democratic attitude and sensitivity towards environmental concerns
  7. Evaluate performance periodically and diagnose the areas of difficulty
  8. Communicate evaluation outcomes in a positive manner
  9. Develop competence for self-evaluation keeping in view the age of children
  10. Attain mastery in scholastic, co-scholastic areas, personal and social qualities
    Plan remedial measures for learners


During interactive meetings, BOSE received the following feedback about CCE :


  1. Lack of information about CCE.
  2. Evaluation practices carried out in schools still traditional.
  3. Continuous assessment not usually followed in a majority of schools.
  4. Competencies not assessed through planned procedures of evaluation.
  5. Formative feedback not provided.
  6. Learning difficulties not identified.
  7. Personal and social qualities not considered due to lack of awareness.
  8. Remedial instruction not provided.




Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation class I to V


Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation class VI to VIII


Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation class IX to X


Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation class XI to XII