Registration Section

Board Rules Governing Functioning of Registration Section 


Registration of Students

 I) The Head of a recognized Institution shall forward to the Secretary  every year within 90 days from the date of their promotion/admission to class- IX the name and other particulars of every student on the prescribed Performa together with the prescribed fee of Rs. 150/= per candidate. Provided that no student shall be admitted/ promoted to class IX in any regonised Institution after the expiry of the above period. Should any Institution fail to register its students with the Board within the prescribed limits, a late fee of Rs. 5/= per candidate shall be released from the concerned Institution for the first Count of 15 days from the last date and Rs. 10/= per candidate for the second count of 15 days where after no candidate shall be registered with the Board. Provided further that the Chairman may in genuine cases permit late entertainment of registration return forms not covered under the above regulations for reasons to be recorded in writing on payment of late fee of Rs. 20/- per candidate for 3rd count of 15 days when the date for submission of registration return forms shall finally be closed.

Provided also that registration return of the candidate seeking admission to various classes during the mid session on account of their migration shall be entertained within 30 days of their seeking admission in any recongnised institution of the Board.

If any student is struck off the rolls or migrates to another regonised institutions, such fact shall immediately be reported to the Secretary.

ii) The Registration fee mentioned in Regulation 10 I) above is payable only once.

iii) No further fee for registration shall be charged unless a student’s name is, for any reason other than legitimate migration struck off the rolls of a recongnised institution, in which case he/she shall pay the fee prescribed by the Board from time to time to have his/her name re-entered in the Register of students.

iv) The Heads of the various District Institutes of Education and Colleges of Physical Education in the State shall forward the registration returns of their students on the prescribed Performa along with the fee prescribed by the Board from time to time within a period of 70 days from their admission to Diploma in Elementary Education/ C. P. Ed . Course.

v) The registration of private candidates appearing in various examinations of the Board and are not already registered with the Board, shall be completed on the day of submission of their admission forms for the examination concerned.

Register of Students

I) A Register of all students registered in the Board shall be maintained by the Board office. In this Register shall be recorded under the name of each registered student his/her   parentage, permanent address, date of birth as entered in the record of the recongnised Institution, the date of admission and re-admission to the recongnised Institution. Every pass or failure in an examination conducted by the Board with his/her roll number, migration, scholarship, medal or prize won or any punishment awarded to the student. Each entry in the Register of students shall be attested by an officer of the Board authorised in this behalf.

ii) No one  shall be admitted to any examination of the Board, unless he/she has been registered as a student of the Board.

Registration card   

On registration every student shall receive from the Board, a Registration Card showing the Registration Number under which his/her name has been entered in the register and that number shall always be quoted by the student in all communications to the Board and subsequent application for admission to an examination of the Board. A duplicate copy of the Registration Card may be granted on payment of a fee of Rs. 80/- per candidate.

Copy of entries in the Register of students,          

Any registered student may at any time, receive a certified copy of all the entries related to him/her in the Register of students on payment of fee prescribed for each copy.

Scrutiny of  Admission Applications to Examinations

All applications for admission to the examinations of the Board shall be scrutinised by comparison with the Register of Students and the Add. /Jt Secretary may refuse any application of any candidate about whom complete. Particulars have not been reported and require him/her to forward through the officer who  attested his/her application for admission, a complete statement of the particulars which have not been properly reported, together with an additional registration fee of Rs. 20/- per candidate.

Inter School/ College Migration

(I) No student shall be allowed  to migrate from one Institution to another without inter migration having been sanctioned in his/her favour,. The Head of the Institution concerned shall not issue the transfer certificate until the migration has been sanctioned by the Board.

Provided that no student shall ordinarily be allowed  to migrate during the session from one Institution to another after his/her application for admission to the ensuring examination has been forwarded to the Board. In genuine cases, however, as that of transfer of a parent/ guardian a student could be permitted to be admitted to an Institution located at the place to which the parent/ guardian has been transferred. Such a student shall be treated  as a student of the institution to which he/she migrates:

Provided further that attendance of such a student in the Institution from where he/she migrates shall be taken into account by the Institution where he/she is admitted after migration.

ii) A student desiring to leave a recongnised Institution, of which he has become a member and joins another recongnised Institution during an academic year, shall:-

a)apply for migration on the prescribed form;

b)make payment of all fees, if any due upto date; and

c)refund whatever scholarship or bursary has been paid to him/her from the recongnised Institution funds, if required by the recongnised Institution to do so.

iii)Every application for inter-migration must be accompanied with a prescribed fee which shall not be refunded even if the application is rejected.

iv) Migration shall not be sanctioned unless the Head of both the recongnised Institutions agree and the prescribed fee has been paid.

v)When migration of a student has been sanctioned by the Board, he/she must join the new institution immediately and not later than the 15th day  after the migration  certificate has  been issued.

vi)If a student changes his/her mind for migration, he/she must inform the Secretary immediately through the Institution from which he/she intended to migrate.

vii) No migration certificate can be issued unless the student has been registered already.

viii) Inter- School/Collage migration shall be allowed only once in an academic year.

ix) Tuition fee, if any, shall be payable by the student to the Head of the recongnised Institution from which he/she migrates up to and including the month in which he/she obtains the migration certificate.” Tuition fee, if any, for the same month shall not be charged by the recongnised Institution to which he/she migrates.

x) When migration has been sanctioned by the Board and the student has made all payment required by these regulations the Head of the Institution shall grant a transfer certificate in the form prescribed.

xi) A student who, owing to his/her failure at the terminal examination of a recongnised Institution, has not been allowed promotion shall not be admitted in to higher class in another recongnised Institution.

Inter University/Board Migration

I) If a student wishes to join another University or Board or Educational Institution outside the territorial jurisdiction of the Board, he/she may be granted a Migration Certificate on his/ her applying on the prescribed form and payment of the prescribed fee of Rs, 150/- In the case of an applicant who is on the rolls of any recongnised Institution such application shall be forwarded by the Head of the Institution concerned.

ii) The certificate shall ordinarily be issued with in a week of the receipt of the application and the fee provided the form is complete in all respects.

iii) No person is entitled to apply on behalf of an other person or to receive his/her own or another persons certificate personally from the office. The certificate will always be sent by registered post.

Provided that the Additional/ Jt. Secretary may, in exceptional circumstances, authorises personal delivery of the certificate to the student or his/her guardian.

Provided further that when a migration certificate is not demanded  by the particular University/Board which a student intends to join, he/she may be granted the following certificates by the Head of the Institution  last attended by him/her:-

a)That he/she has not been debarred rusticated on otherwise disqualified from continuing his/her studies, by the Board, for any malpractice at any Board examination or for any kind of misbehavior; and

b)That he/she does not owe any amount to the Board.

Duplicate Inter Board Migration Certificate

(i) Duplicate copy of the Inter Board Migration Certificate shall be issued on payment of the fee prescribed for the original certificate;

Provided that duplicate copy of inter Board migration Certificate shall not be granted except incases in which the Secretary is satisfied by the production of an affidavit on a stamp paper of proper value, required by law for the time being in force, that the applicant has not utilised the original certificate for appearing at any examination and has lost the same or that the same has been destroyed and that the applicant has a real need for  a Duplicate;

Provided further that in cases where the Secretary is satisfied that the original certificate was miscarried in post and did not reach the  applicant, the requirement of an Affidavit may be dispensed with.

ii) In the case of a student who migrates to another University or Board, his/her membership of the Board shall lapse until such time as he/she may subsequently produce a migration certificate from that University or Board or clearance certificate from the Institution of that University or Board where he/she has been studying, in order to take some further examination of this Board. No fresh registration in such cases shall be necessary.

Provided that this lapse of membership shall not debar a student from appearing at an examination of the Board in an additional subject of an examination already taken in the Board or from completing an examination of the Board for which permission has been granted to him/her before his/her migration.


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