Secrecy Section

Board Rules Governing Secrecy Sections of Board





Setting of Question Papers:

Question Papers for various examinations conducted by the Board shall be set strictly in accordance with the syllabii and courses of study prescribed for the examination;

Provided that alternate questions shall be set for one year for failures in such papers in which change in the syllabus or prescribed course is 50% or more;

Provided further that if the whole scheme of a course is changed, alternate question papers shall be set for a period of three years.


Appointment of Paper Setters and Examiner:

(i) Subject to the provisions of the Regulations, all arrangements for the conduct of the Board examination shall be made and all paper setters, head/ sub-examiners, single examiners (theory and practical) in respect of all classes shall be appointed by the Secretary of the Board subject to the approval of the  Chairman out of the panels prepared for the purpose which shall be placed before the Examination Committee for confirmation.  For purposes of Evaluation, Revaluation the Secretary may delegate powers to such an officer in either Division as he may deem proper. 

(ii)  If any head/sub-examiner or single examiner (theory and practical) is for any reasonable cause ineligible/unwilling to act as such or a vacancy arises for any other reason, the Secretary or any other officer to whom the powers are delegated shall appoint a substitute to fill the vacancy out of the panel prepared for the purpose.

(iii)  Examiners will be drawn from the panels of names received from various recongnised institutions and the appointment of all examiners from one and the same Institution in the same subject in any examination will be avoided.

(iv)  a) No person shall be appointed as a paper setter or head examiner for any examination conducted by the Board unless he/she:-

1. is a  trained graduate or is M. Ed or holds a Master’s degree in the subject;

2.has at least ten years experience of teaching the subject not below the standard of the examination for which he/she is appointed as a paper setter or head examiner.

b) No person shall be appointed a Sub/practical examiner for any examination unless he/she has at least three years teaching experience of the subject for which he/she is appointed as a sub/practical examiner with basic minimum qualification required for the class as laid down in Regulation 66 (xii) & (xiii) of these Regulations.   

v) No person shall ordinarily be appointed as Head /Sub examiner in more than one paper in all the Examinations conducted by the Board for a session (Annual &Bi-annual).

vi)Officers of the Education Department/Principals of colleges/H.S. Schools/Headmasters, Headmistress/ Masters/ Teachers retired from Govt. Service, possessing the requisite experience and qualifications as specified above may also be considered for appointment as Head/Sub/Independent Examiners.

vii)  The teaching staff working in the recongnised/affiliated, Govt. or Private Institutions possessing the required experience  and qualifications shall also be considered for appointment as Head/Sub/Independent Examiners.

viii)  All appointments in any capacity shall be made on the basis of merit and suitability by rotation, giving due weightage to seniority as far as possible.

ix)   No person shall as far as possible be engaged for evaluation work for more than fifteen days. However, the restriction of time shall not be imposed during the slack season or vacation.

x)  a) A Head examiner will ordinarily evaluate at least 200 scripts of the subject/paper allotted to him as such and check 20% of the total scripts marked by his/her sub-examiners including the test instalment of ten scripts. Answer scripts of the candidates as have obtained 60% or more marks will be revised thoroughly and scripts of average and below average candidates will be revised at random.

b) Normally not more than six to eight examiners will work under one Head Examiner for evaluation work.    

c) Each Sub- Examiner will be expected to evaluate as many answer books as may be decided by the Joint Secretary (Secrecy).

(xi)  (a) All the Examiners (Head/Sub/Independent Examiners) both in theory and practicals will have to mark the scripts strictly according to the marking scheme/value points and general instructions prepared by them before start of the evaluation.

b) General instructions and the marking scheme/value points for each paper shall be got prepared from the Head Examiners in consultation with concerned sub-examiners.

Xii)For the H. S Part-I & Part-II Examinations, the following

persons shall, unless otherwise found ineligible, be considered for appointment as Head/Sub/Independent examiner (practical & theory).

A)Principals of Hr. Sec Schools and school lectures with teaching experience of the class of not less than 10 years for Head Examinership and 3 years for Sub/Practical Examinership.

B)Teachers working in the Colleges affiliated to the University of Jammu or Kashmir, possessing 10 years/3 years teaching experience for Head/Sub- Examinership respectively.


(xii) For Secondary School Examination, the following persons shall, unless otherwise found ineligible, be considered for appointment as Head/Sub/Independent Examiners (practical or theory).

a )Headmasters/ Headmistresses of High Schools with teaching experience of 10 years and 3 years at least for Head/Sub- Examinership respectively, at the Secondary level.

b )Lectures of Hr. Sec Schools with 10 years of teaching experience for Head Examinership.

c )Masters of High Schools with 3 years of teaching experience of the class as sub-examiners.

d )Teachers of High School with five years teaching experience of the class as Sub- Examiner.

(xiii)Notwithstanding anything contained in the above Regulations, the appointing authority may, in exceptional cases, make appointments of examiners in relaxation of these rules for reasons to be recorded in writing.

(xiv) a) A person who has been disqualified or debarred from any remunerative assignment of the Board or who refuses without any valid reason any type of Board assignment, shall not be considered for Head/Sub/Independent Examinership (theory or practical).

b) While making the appointments the integrity, honesty and professional competence of the individual will be taken into consideration.


Scale f Remuneration And Automatic Deductions :

 a) The Scale of Remuneration payable to the Paper Setters, Head Examiners, Co-Head Examiners, Practical Examiners, Sub- Examiners shall be as given in Appendix –3 when scale of automatic deductions from their, remuneration, for mistakes committed or for late submission of documents or awards are given in Appendix –2.

b) Detailed procedure regarding evaluation of answer books and conduct of practical examinations shall be as given in the Chapter XVI of these Regulations.

c) The Secretary, in exceptional cases and for very cogent reasons, shall have the power to condone automatic deductions to be made from the remuneration of Examiners for having committed mistakes in the marking of answer books or for belated submission of documents.

d) If an Examiner is unable to accept the assignment for one reason or the other or is found to have made false representation of facts, the Joint Secretary (secrecy) shall make an alternative appointment from the panel of Examiners as per Registration.


Use of Min.computers:

 Candidates are allowed to use mini and simple electronics Computers for solving mathematical problems.

Record of Internal Assessment:

The record of internal assessment in various practical tests and in theory subjects (Wherever prescribed) shall be properly maintained by the Institutions.

(i) The record of internal assessment maintained by the various Institutions shall be subject to verification / scrutiny by the Board;

(ii) Whenever 100% marks are awarded for internal assessment as a whole or for any of its part (attendance or note- book or class room test or day to day assessment) to a candidate, the same shall be communicated to the Board along with relevant records for scrutiny and the Board shall reserve the right to decrease the marks in internal assessment if it is satisfied that an undue favour has been shown to a particular candidate and the matter shall be reported to the Administrative Department for appropriate action.

1. Application:

These Regulations shall apply to all the examiners both in the written examination and practicals unless,(in the case of practical examiners and the examiners working together at the evaluation centre/ centres fixed by the Board), unless these are repugnant with Regulations 13 and 14 of this chapter.

2. Secrecy:

(i) The names of examiners and the entire correspondence conducted with them are kept strictly confidential. The examiners are, therefore, requested to keep their appointments strictly confidential and not disclose under any circumstances, whatever, their identity as examiners of the Board.

(ii) All communications of whatever nature, in regard to matters pertaining to examinations shall be addressed to the concerned Joint Secretary or any other officer authorised by him for the purpose by name, in closed covers, and in no case by means of post cards, Sub-examiners shall forward all documents through their Head- Examiners. The envelopes containing such communications shall not indicate the name and address of the examiners.

(iii) If at any time it becomes necessary for an examiner to visit the Board office in connection with the work entrusted to him/her for payment of his/her remuneration, he/she will see no person other than the Joint Secretary/ (Secretary) or any other officer authorised for the purpose.

(iv) The examiners are requested to keep the result of the examination including the marks assigned to the candidates strictly confidential. They shall not make known to any person the nature of any correspondence that may have passed between them and their Head- Examiner or the Board. In case of leakage the person concerned is liable to disqualification. Getting assistance in the preparation of award rolls or marking of the answer books shall also render an examiner liable to disqualification. The disqualification shall be for a period ranging from one year to for ever to be determined by the Chairman depending upon the nature and the gravity of the offence committed.

(v) Examiners shall be responsible for the safe custody of the answer books in their charge and they must keep them in a secure place under lock and key.


Coding of Answer Scripts & Appointment Code Officers:    

1) The concerned Joint Secretary shall appoint Code Officers for   various examinations from among the teachers of University, Colleges and Heads of the recognised Higher Secondary Schools and report the  action taken to Secretary/Chairman for perusal.

2) One Code Officer shall as far as possible be appointed for coding of 20, 000 scripts.

 3) Each answer script of the candidates appearing in Secondary School Examination, Higher Secondary Examination Part- I and Higher Secondary Examination Part-II shall be coded paper wise in the following manner:-

(i)That the answer script of all candidates appearing in Secondary School Examination, Higher Secondary Examination Part-I and Higher Secondary Examination Part-II shall be got coded paper- wise before they are sent for evaluation.

(ii)The Code Officers shall be provided with a Code File, numbering machine, machine ink, Date sheet, Centre Notices, Centre Statement, Check Sheet, Ball Pens, Carbon Papers, Blank Sheet, Plastics Sutli, Scissors, Rubber bands, Plastic foot rule or plastic knife, steel boxes with locks, Answer scripts etc, by Board.

(iii)Each Code Officer shall arrange his/her own Semi-literate helper of proven integrity and intimate his particulars to the concerned Jt. Secretary (Secrecy) before embarking upon the job. Leakage if any, shall be the entire responsibility  of the Code Officer concerned. No helper shall handle the answer scripts in absence of the Code Officer. Maintenance of Secrecy of the Code is the Sole responsibility of the Code Officer.

(iv)The Code Officer shall minutely understand the operational aspect of the Numbering Machine and shall in no case, start the work assigned, till he is fully satisfied with the hanling of Numbering machine. Before start of the coding work, the Code Officer will set his machine a few numbers back of the exact code numbers and check the numbering machine for its correctness on the blank paper.

(v)On receipt of the sealed packets of unmarked Answer Books from the Store keeper, the Code Officers shall first satisfy that the seals affixed on cover of the packets are intact. He/she shall then make entry of sealed packets received in the Check Sheet, mentioning there in Centre Number, Subject, Paper and number of Answer Books in each packet as per outer slip.

(vi)On opening of each sealed packet, the Code Officer shall verify each entry already made in the cheek sheet (according to outer slip) by actually counting the answer books with the Absentee Memo contained  inside the packet. Discrepancy, if any, in number of answer books shown in Absentee Memo and the actual number received, or in the roll numbers or in the Seal, shall at once be reported to Joint Secretary (Secrecy). The seals affixed on the cover of each packet shall be compared with Seal impression borne on the Absentee Memo.

(vii)Correctness of contents in each sealed packet as per Absentee Memo is the sole responsibility of the Code Officer.

The Code Officer shall transcribe the correct roll number on the code file, as written by the candidate.

(viii)Every effort shall be made by each Code Officers to do their job with utmost care and without any mistake or omission.

(viii)The Code Officers shall maintain their own records of scripts received, series allotted to each paper.

(ix) Code file shall have to be completed by the Code Officers in their own hand.

(x)In a subject/paper where a candidate has an option to answer questions in English/Urdu/Hindi or in Punjabi etc., the scripts shall have to be sorted out, coded and packed separately.

(Xi)The Code Officer an opening  each sealed packet shall report suspicious cases if any,  such as smuggling, unfairmeans, pins removed , unequal size of inner sheets in Answer Book, variation in handwriting or where identity has been disclosed with peculiar marks etc. to the  Jt. Secretary (Secrecy) ----.

(xii)While checking roll numbers of answer books with the absentee memos, the Code Officers shall also report discrepancies e. g double Roll Nos. wrong roll nos. variation in digit of Roll nos., unfairmeans  or stray cases to the Jt. Secretary (Sec)----- .

(xiii)If any packet of answer books, not meant for them is sent to the Code Officers by mistake, they shall immediately return the same to the concerned Joint Secretary in a sealed cover.

(xiv)All the Code Officers shall acknowledge on the Check Sheet maintained by the Store-Keeper receipt of packets of Answer Books on the day these are received by them indicating the number of sealed packets received.

(xv)The Code Officer, after being doubly sure about subject, paper and correctness of roll numbers on the answer books, (according to absentee memo) shall mix up Answer Book of the same subject and script of as many centres as possible from various districts for randamization of Answer Books for Coding.

(Xvi)The Code Officer shall direct his/her helper to remove/erase/tear off peculiar identity marks, roll numbers or any signs or symbols which help in disclosing the identity of the candidate, from inside Answer Book. He will prepare bundles of 100/,120/ as may be asked by Jt. Secretary, Secrecy in the case of S. S. Exam. and Higher Secondary Exam. Part-I and Part-II coded answer books|, free from all disclosing identity marks.

 Each Code Officer shall put the same code number at all places i.e. on the roll number slip and on the title page of the answer books and objective type paper, on continuation sheets, graph papers, map, etc, as the case may be.

The Code Officer shall transcribe the correct Roll Nos. on the code file as written by the candidate.

The Code officer shall tear off the coded roll number slips from all places of each Answer Book leaving behind with code number only.

The Code Officers shall prepare bundles of coded Roll Nos. slips serially subject wise and paperwise.

Each code bundle of 120 Answer Books shall be accompanied with a forwarding memo in duplicate, mentioning Bundle No, subject, paper and Code numbers allotted.

Coding is very important phase of objective evaluation, so it is to be done with utmost secrecy, carefulness and with absolutely no mistakes.

Evaluation is a time bound process, as such, Code Officers shall have to complete their assignment within the prescribed time schedule.

The key of the room and the steel trunk containing Code File and Coded slips arranged in serial order subject and paperwise and other relevant confidential records etc, shall be kept by the Code Officer till the time he is requested to return the same to the Board office.

 The Code file (complete) in all respects in sealed covers along with coded slips shall be handed over to the Joint Secretary (Secrecy) separately as soon as the assignment is completed.

 All Code Officers shall have  to return steel trunks with keys, numbering machine, Absentee memos date wise arranged to the Board Office under proper receipt.

The Code Officers and helpers shall be paid remuneration at the rate give in Appendix 3.

 The scale of automatic/deduction from the remuneration of the code Officers is given in Appendix 2.


Checking of Packets Of Answer books:

(i) On receipt of the packets of the answer books, the examiner shall first open the packet and count the answer books received.

(ii) All examiners shall acknowledge on the prescribed form receipt of the packets of answer books on the day these are received by them indicating the number of answer books received.

(iii)Discrepancy if any in the number of answer books shall at once be reported to the Joint Secretary concerned.

(iv) If any answer book, or a packet of answer books, not meant for him/her is sent by mistake to an examiner, he/she shall return it to the concerned Joint Secretary.

(v) If an examiner finds in his/her lot an answer book written in a script or language with which he/she is not familiar, he/she shall immediately return it to the  concerned Jt.


Secretary Evaluation:   

( i) The examiner shall arrange the answer books serially before starting the evaluation and then mark them strictly in accordance with the value points/marking scheme issued by the Board. Wherever the value points are not available, the same shall be prepared by the Head Examiner in consultation with the Sub- Examiners.

 (ii) The examiners shall carefully examine the prescribed pass percentage for individual subjects, and papers given under Regulation No. 15 of Chapter XI, Regulation  No. 4 of Chapter XII, Regulation 12 of Chapter XIII and Regulation No. 5, of Chapter XIV, before proceeding with the marking.

(iii) A Sub-Examiner who has to work under on Head Examiner shall send within two days of the receipt by him/her of the packet of the answer books sent to the Head –Examiner for his/her approval of the standard, a test instalment of 10 answer books of average, above average and below average candidates duly marked in accordance with the detailed instructions of the Paper- setter/Head-examiner together with the award rolls. The Head-examiner shall communicate telegraphically/ tax if stationed outside, his/her approval    or otherwise of the standard within two days .Till the approval of the standard is received the Sub Examiner shall proceed with the marking of the answer books but shall dispatch subsequent installments of the awards and marked answer books only after receiving the Head Examiner’s reply and modifying his/her previous award, if necessary, according to the Head-Examiner’s instructions. In case the Head-examiner disagrees with the standard of marking of a sub-examiner, he/she will return along with detailed instructions the relevant answer books and the award rolls to the Sub-Examiner within two days for reassessment.                 

(iv) The examiners are not authorised to award any grace marks.           

(v) No fraction other than ½ shall be used by an examiner while awarding marks for the answer written by examinees. Half mark shall be raised only in the total number of marks awarded to a candidates to the next whole number e.g. 24 ½ to 25.           

(vi) If a candidate attempts more than the required number of answers, answer written in excess of the required number shall be ignored. The examiner will see that the answer/answers which has/have secured the least marks are ignored for this purpose.

(vii) In examining the answer books, the examiner shall clearly indicate in the margin and on the outer title page of the answer book in the columns provided for the purpose, the number of marks awarded by him/her to each separate answer. The total number of marks  shall be written both in figures and words distinctly in red ink in the examiners own hand writing and under his/her signature, provided that sub-totals( or parawise marking of question), should not be encircled, but only total marks awarded to a question should be circled and signed e.g.

Q. No  1= 1+1/2+ 1+1/2 = 4.

(viii) The examiners shall report to the concerned Jt. Secretary the Code Nos. of the candidates guilty of communicating or attempting to communicate with the examiner in order to influence him/her in the award of marks, or in disclosing his/her identity or in making peculiar marks in his/her answer book. The answer books or book of such a candidate shall be forwarded to the concerned Joint Secretary along with the report. An entry to this effect shall be made in the award roll against the Code No. of such  candidate.             

(ix) The sub-examiner shall send the answer books examined by him/her securely packed and sealed to the Head Examiner in regular weekly instalments together with all  the three copies of the award rolls in the case of practical and one copy in the case of theory awards pertaining to the relevant series of Code Nos. Each installment shall be accompanied by a forwarding letter.       

(x) On receipt of the answer books by him/her from his/her sub-examiner, the Head-examiner shall thoroughly check the marking of the answer books and if he/she is satisfied after necessary revision that proper and uniform standard of marking has been maintained, he/she shall transmit all the award rolls, his/her own as well as those of his/her sub-examiners, to the concerned Jt. Secretary in regular weekly installments, along with a forwarding letter. The covers containing the award rolls shall be properly sealed. Each Head Examiner shall be supplied with a list of the sub-examiners showing the number of answer books allotted and the date of dispatch of the final installment to each in order to enable him/her to watch the progress of the work of the sub-examiners and issue periodical reminders to them.        

(xi) The Head-Examiner shall check thoroughly 20% of the answer books marked by each sub-examiner, including the test installment of answer books mentioned in sub Regulation (iii) above. In case he/she finds it necessary  to subject the work of a particular sub-examiner to a check of more than 20% he/she shall seek the previous permission of the concerned Jt. Secretary. Answer Scripts of the candidates as have obtained 60% or more marks will be revised thoroughly and scripts of  average and below average candidates will be revised at random. Head Examiners will use black ink for checking/revision of answer scripts of his sub-examiners.     

(xii) In case of the difference of opinion the decision of the Head Examiner shall prevail. But in no case shall the Head Examiner himself/herself increase or decrease the marks assigned to any answer book by a sub-examiner expect where the increase is not more than 50% of the marks awarded by the Sub-examiner.      

(xiii) In case the Head Examiner considers personal consultation with a  sub-examiner necessary in order to explain matters to him/her in the event of his/her work being unsatisfactory, he/she may send for him/her under an intimation to the concerned Jt. Secretary. In such cases only one way journey will be permitted in accordance with the T.A Regulations of this Board.           

(xiv) The Head Examiner shall report  to the concerned Jt. Secretary cases of evaluation in which undue favour has been shown.

(xv) The Head-examiner shall engage an Assistant preferably of the statues of sub-examiner for checking the answer books marked by him/her and by his/her sub-examiners in the light of the instructions issued to him/her in this behalf by the Head examiner and as per detailed instructions given in Appendix. 9. Remuneration payable to these Assistants will be as notified by the Board from time to time.

The  payment of the Assistant shall be made only on presentation of a bill on the prescribed form duly attested by the Head-Examiner. The Assistant shall maintain a diary of errors detected by him/her and the Head examiner shall forward it to the concerned Jt. Secretary along with the Assistant’s bill.  

(xvi) The answer books shall be retained by the Head-examiner for not more than a week after the final instalment of award rolls has  been sent and shall be packed in serial order of Roll Nos. and dispatched in sealed packs to the concerned Jt. Secretary along with the Assistant’s bill.           


Dispatch of Award Rolls and Marked answer books:

(i) Examiners to save time and expense should deliver the award        Rolls and marked answer books personally to the Head    Examiner, the Head examiner to the concerned Jt. Secretary as the case may be, for which actual expenses will be paid. Where this is not possible these shall be sent by Registered post.

(ii) No examiner shall send the answer books and the award rolls in the same cover of the parcel unless otherwise provided in these Regulations.        


Time limit for Evaluation:

(i)The time limit for marking of answer books shall be twelve days from the date of receipt of answer books or part thereof, and shall be calculated from the date of  the receipt by the examiner of the first packet of the answer books. In case the awards are not received by the concerned Jt. Secretary within the prescribed period automatic deductions under rules are liable to be made from the remuneration of the examiners.

(ii) Head-examiners are allowed seven days as the maximum period from the date of receipt by them of the respective award rolls and answer books from their sub-examiners for onward dispatch, provided that in the case of table marking they will be allowed fifty answer scripts per day. 

(iii) The examiner are required not to leave their respective stations as far as possible, until the answer books have been examined and sent to the concerned Jt. Secretary or the Head- examiner, as the case may be. In case it becomes necessary for an examiner to leave the station he/she must communicate the change in his/her address to his/her Head- Examiner/ Sub-examiner and the concerned Jt. Secretary. While communicating such a change  the examiner shall mention the name of the examination, subject and paper with his/her identification mark. 


 Filling in the Award rolls:    

(i)  The award roll is to be prepared in triplicate using pencil carbon, unless otherwise instructed.

(ii) Such examiners as have to work under a Head-examiner, shall send the award rolls to the Head-examiner along with the relevant answer books duly marked by them.

(iii) Head examiners and such examiners as have to work independently of a Head-examiner, shall send (by registered post in the case of institutions)  the award rolls to the concerned Jt. Secretary.

(iv) The award rolls shall  always be accompanied with the forwarding memo. No other papers should be sent with the award rolls. When the examiner runs short of award rolls he/she must ask the concerned Jt. Secretary telegraphically/stax for more. in no case shall ordinary paper be used for writing awards.          

(v) All entries in the award rolls shall be made legibly by the examiner in his/her own hand with a ball pen as prescribed.

(vi) Code Nos. shall be entered serially in the award rolls in accordance with the instructions as may be issued by the concerned Jt. Secretary from time to time.        

(vii) Only one Code No. shall be entered in one space. 

(viii) No entry in the award rolls shall be erased. Corrections shall be avoided. If a correction is unavoidable, it shall be made neatly by drawing a line across the wrong figure or word and noting the correct figures or word instead. No over-writing is permitted. Each such correction must be initialed by the Head examiner, where there is one.      

(ix) The total number of marks both in figures and words, shall be shown against the correct Code No. where necessary.           

(x) No fractional marks shall be given in the award roll.

 (xi) The name and year of the examination, the name of the subject and paper, and the number of passes and failures after reference to the schedule of minimum pass marks as prescribed under these regulations shall be noted on each copy of the award roll.       

 (xii) Each page of the award roll, shall be signed legibly in full (not initialled) by the Examiner, the Head Examiner, if any, and the Checking Assistant to the Head-Examiner. Use of signature stamp is strictly prohibited.       


Table Evaluation:          

Not with one word standing anything contained in the foregoing Regulations in regard to the procedure for evaluation of answer books, the evaluation of answer books of various examinations conducted by the Board in order to expedite the process, shall be done in the manner prescribed below unless directed by the Chairman to contrary:-     

(a) The Head Examiner and all his/her sub-examiners shall be called to a particular place.

(b) They will discuss and frame detailed value points and marking scheme for assessment of answer books in the subject/paper allotted to them. The Head-examiner shall be paid extra remuneration for the purpose at the rate as may be notified from time to time. The Head-examiner and his/her Sub-examiners, will be supplied with answer books by the concerned Jt. Secretary at the Centre fixed for evaluation of answer books after each script has been coded. 

(c) Each sub-examiner shall evaluate 30 answer books per day or such number as may be notified from time to time. The award rolls and marked answered books shall be returned to the representative of the Board who is placed on duty at the evaluation centre through the concerned Head –examiner duly evaluated and revised everyday.

(d) The Head-examiner shall closely supervise the work of the sub-examiners and side by side revise the answer books marked by them to the extent indicated under Regulation 5 (xi)above at the rate of 50 answer books per day.   

(e) The award rolls shall be prepared by each sub-examiner daily and submitted to the concerned Jt. Secretary through the Head-examiner duly signed by the Head-examiner and the checking Assistant nominated by the concerned Jt. Secretary.

(f) The marked answer books arranged in the serial order of Code Nos. shall be returned to the concerned Jt. Secretary or any of the Assistants nominated by him for this purpose immediately after the evaluation of answer books is completed each day.

(g) The examiners shall abide by the general instructions as may be issued by the concerned Jt. Secretary from time to time.

(h) The Head examiner shall revise answer scripts in the same manner as prescribed under Regulation 5 (xi) and shall be paid remuneration as given in Appendix 3.        


Report regarding General Character of Answer Books:

Every examiner shall send to the concerned Jt. Secretary after completing the evaluation of answer books report on the general character of the answer books examined by him/her making suggestions, if any, for improvement in the standard of teaching. These reports shall be sent within one week of the dispatch of the final installment of awards. The sub-examiners shall send their reports through the Head –examiners.                   


Confidential Reports:

The Head Examiner shall send  to the concerned Jt. Secretary a confidential report of the work done by each of his/her sub-examiners, intimating the number of errors, if any, committed by them. This report together with report regarding receipt and dispatch of award rolls by sub-examiners shall be sent along with the bills of remuneration.  


Payment of Bills:           

(i) The sub examiners shall submit their bills of remuneration through the Head Examiner to the concerned Jt. Secretary.           

(ii) The attention of the Head examiners is drawn to the fact that payment to the sub examiners cannot be made until the Head examiner’s confidential report, statement of errors and omissions and other documents are received.        

(iii) No remuneration shall be paid except on receipt of the Bill on the prescribed form.           

(iv) Revenue stamp of Rs. 4= shall always be fixed on the bill for a claim of Rs. 20/- and above.

(v) The contingent expenses should be claimed on the form prescribed for the purpose which shall be appended to the bill along with the necessary vouchers, duly attested by the examiner.         

(vi) Payment shall be made after the declaration of result of the examination for which a person has acted as examiner/checking assistant provided that in the case of table evaluation, the payment shall, as far as possible, be made immediately on completion of evaluation by an Examiner.          

(vii) Save with the special sanction of the Chairman, no claim for money due from the Board shall be valid unless made within one year of the date on which the payment fell due.


Automatic Deductions:                      

The detail of the automatic deductions fixed for mistakes and  unauthorised delay committed by the examiners in their work is as given in Appendix I      


Contingent  Expenses:           

The scale of contingent expenses payable to examiners is given in Appendix VI. amending Result When affected by Error, malpractice etc.

 (i) In any case where it is found that the result of a candidate has been affected by an error, the Secretary shall, at any time, with the approval of the Chairman, amend such result in such manner as shall be in accordance with the true position.

(ii) In any case where the result of an examinee has been ascertained and published and it is found that such result has been affected by malpractice, fraud, improper conduct, the Chairman shall have the power at any time, notwithstanding the issue of a certificate or the award of a prize or scholarship, to amend the result of such examinee to make such declaration as shall be  considered necessary in that behalf. He shall also take suitable action and award or recommend deterrent punishment in this case of all those who have been accomplice in this malpractice, fraud or improper conduct.

Quashing of result of Disqualified:  

 The Chairman shall have the power to quash the result of a candidate after it has been declared inadvertently if he/ she is disqualified for committing misconduct in the examination besides taking action against the person responsible for the inadvertence.


Rechecking of Results:

(i) A candidate who has appeared in the Secondary School Examination conducted by the Board may apply to the Secretary for the retotalling of his/her marks in one or more subjects/papers and the rechecking of his/her result, shall be done in the manner prescribed as under:-

(a) The application must be made on the prescribed form so as to reach the Secretary within thirty days from the date of declaration of the results.

(b) The application must be forwarded by a Gazetted officer.         

(c) All such applications must be accompanied by a prescribed fee of Rs. 75/- for each paper in which retotalling and rechecking is sought.

(d) The work of re-totalling and rechecking does not include re-assessment of the answers of a candidate. It consists of rechecking the marks awarded on the answer books and entered in the result register with a view to ascertaining whether there has been any mistake in totalling the marks assigned to individual questions. It consists of examining if there has been omission to award marks to some questions answered by the candidate. It also consists in verifying whether the marks awarded to the candidate have been correctly entered in the award rolls and the result register. 

(e) For re-checking of the answer scripts in Secondary School Examination a panel of different subject experts will be framed by the officer incharge of evaluation and got approved by the authorities. Any change in the awards on the basis of the report submitted by the rechecking committee will be got approved by the authorities before effecting such a change.

(f) If on re-totalling and rechecking by the Sub-Committee a mistake in the result is detected, the result of rechecking shall be at once notified with the affort of the Chairman.

(g) In case the mistake has been caused by an omission of the examiners in evaluating answer or answers attempted by the candidate, the answer book shall be sent to the examiner concerned who has originally marked the answer book for completion of assessment. In all other cases the result of the rechecking shall be communicated to the candidate within seven days from the last date prescribed for receipt of applications for rechecking of results. 

(h) The Scrutiny and rechecking shall not be done in presence of the candidate or anyone on his behalf, nor will the answer books be shown to the candidate or his/her representative. The Sub-Committee shall, however, ascertain by comparing hand writing of the candidate with his/her other answer books that no malpractice has taken place in the examination hall (namely exchange of answer books, etc. )

(i) The decision of the Sub-Committee regarding the re-totalling of marks and rechecking of results shall be final.


Practical Examinations:

(i) The practical examiners shall examine and mark at the examination centre, the note books of the candidates who are appearing in the examination for the first time. The examiner shall satisfy himself/herself that the Note books are signed by the teacher concerned and counter signed by the Head of the Institution. The failure students appearing as private candidates are not required to present their Note books and the marks allotted for Note-Books in question paper shall be added to the marks alloted for notebook be considered Viva – voce as they already get the marks for note book in the term of internal assessment.     

(ii) Examiners shall lay emphasis on the actual work done by the candidate in the laboratory.

(iii) Late arrival of candidates at the practical examination centres may be permitted by the examiners only up to a maximum of 10 minutes on payment of penalty of Rs 5/- by each candidate. The amount of penalty recovered from such candidates shall be remitted to the Board as soon as the practical examination of the concerned group is over.        

(iv) The examiner shall keep a complete record of the answer books and continuation sheets issued to the candidates.               

(v) Subject to confirmation by the concerned Jt. Secretary an examiner shall have the power to effect change on the recommendation of the Head of the Institution where the examination is held, in the date of science practical examination of a candidate and examine him/her on a subsquent date with another group of students, provided satisfactory evidence is produced that the change was called for.          

(vi) In cases where there are sub-examiners, they shall abide by the instructions of the Head-examiner. Their work shall also be subject to an inspection by the Inspector appointed by the Board under the relevant Regulations.      


(vii) In such examinations in which there is a Board of  Examiners consisting of external and internal examiners for the conduct of practical and vice-voce, the candidates shall be examined jointly by them and the award signed by both the examiners.       


(viii) The practical test held at two or more centres in the same examination by the same examiner shall be taken as one examination and remuneration shall be calculated accordingly.   

(ix) Every examiner shall send to the concerned Jt. Secondary after completing the examination, a report on the general character of the work of the examinees and this observations  by him/her while conducting the examination, if any, for improvement in the standard of teaching and maintenance of apparatus and laboratory equipment. The report shall be sent to the concerned Jt. Secretary by name within one week of the dispatch of the final installment of award rolls. Sub-examiners shall send their reports through their Head-examiners.   

(x) The Head examiners shall revise the answer books marked by each sub-examiner in respect of all those securing 75% and above marks and also those failing in practical examination.

(xi) The examiners shall maintain a chart and a key showing the award of marks to each candidate  for various steps in individual questions and  shall send these charts and key to the Head-examiners along with the award rolls and the answer books. 

(xii) Award rolls and the answer books securely packed and sealed, shall be sent in the following manner within 24 hours of the date of termination of the practical examination of the concerned group unless otherwise instructed:-            

(a) In the case of each practical examination in which there is a Head-examiner, the award rolls and the answer books shall be packed together by the Sub-examiner in one bundle (after the answer books have been arranged in serial order) along with a copy of each of the relevant question papers, instructions, chart and the key showing award of marks for various steps as indicated in Regulation (xi).The bundles shall be packed in the cover provided by the Board office, properly sealed and sent to the concerned Jt. Secretary . Examiners in Sringar or Jammu City will deliver these packets in the office of the concerned Jt. Secretary or at a place in fixed by him.              

(b) The Head-Examiner where there is one, after necessary revision, shall send the awards in the manner indicated in Regulations 5    (i) and (ii) of chapter xvi.          

(c) In the case of practical examination in which there is no Head-Examiner the award rolls and the answer books shall be packed in two separate covers and sent to the concerned  Jt. Secretary within three days of the completion of examination in the manner as indicated in Regulations 6 (i) and (ii) of chapter XVI. The practical examiner shall abide by the general instructions contained in these regulations.         


Re- evaluation of Answer Books:

(1) Re-evaluation shall be permissible in the following examination in only such papers in which the candidate has secured 20% or more marks assigned to the concerned subject:          

(i)Higher Secondary Examination Part-I conducted by the Board.

(ii) Higher Secondary Examination Par-II.          

(iii) No re-evaluation shall be permitted in the practical examination held in different subjects or paper/s, internal assessment and viva-voce.

(2) If a candidate feels that his/her answer scripts has/have not been properly evaluated he/she may apply for re-evaluation  of the same to the Joint Secretary ( Secy.) JD/KD ( as may be applicable) Board of School Education on the prescribed application form duly attested by a gazetted officer working within the jurisdiction of the J& K state.      

(3) The application for re-evaluation on the prescribed form shall reach the Board office within fifteen days from the date of declaration of the result of the particular examination i.e, the date printed in the result gazette. However, in exceptional cases  the late application may be entertained with the sanction/permission of the Chairman, provided such an application is received within two weeks from the last prescribed date. No application shall be entertained thereafter. 

(4) a) The candidate who applies for re-evaluation of his/her answer scripts shall have to pay the prescribed re-evaluation fee as given in schedule-B. The candidate who opts for this concession shown be shown his/her answer scripts on payment of an additional fee given in Schedule-B. If the candidate is satisfied after seeing his/her answer scripts and decides not to seek re-evaluation the case will be treated as closed.

(b)  Any variation in marks detected by the candidates due to wrong totaling on title page of answer scripts or transfer of marks inside the answer scripts to the title page or any unevaluated part or question has to be reported to the Joint Secretary (Secrecy). The variation will be got removed (without charging any fee from the candidate) by one of the Head examiners of the concerned subject in the presence of the Joint Secretary (Secrecy). 

(c) If the candidate opts for re-evaluation he/she shall be asked to deposit the prescribed re-evaluation fee and submit the receipt to the Section Officer/Assistant Secretary of the concerned section.       


5. The marks inside the answer scripts in which the candidate has sought re-evaluation will be completely blotted out in order to conceal them from the re-evaluators. These answer scripts shall be got coded afresh by a Code Officer (Code to Code basis) to be appointed by the Joint Secretary (Secrecy)of the concerned Division. The title page of the answer scripts will be taken off by the Code Officer. The Joint Secretary (Secrecy) shall pass on recorded answer scripts to the Central Secrecy for re-evaluation.        

6. The Central Secrecy shall get each script re-evaluated by two examiners outside the State.         

7. While sending the answer books for re-evaluation, the following shall also be provided to the re-evaluators:           

Details instructions/marking scheme/value points on the basics of which the papers were evaluated in the first instance.   

8. The Joint Secretary shall forward the Code file to the Result Computing Agency. The Central Secrecy shall pass on the awards of the two re-evaluators to the Result Computing Agency.        

9. The life of the awards received from the evaluators  and the  title page of the answer scripts indicating the marks awarded by the original evaluator shall be fixed as one year after the declaration of the main result, where after these will be destroyed.       

10. The marks secured by the candidates in paper/s after re-evaluation shall be assessed by the result computing agency on the basis of the average of three awards i. e, awards of two re-evaluators and the original evaluator. The effect of re-evaluation shall be given after taking into account the scores of the candidates in a paper/s thus arrived at, provided that if the result  of a candidate is likely to be affected by the award of notional marks after re-evaluation (permissible under rules), the benefit of that shall be given to him/her. 

11. If as a result of re-evaluation a candidate passes in the examination, he/she shall be eligible to seek admission to the next higher class within fifteen days of the declaration of the re-evaluation result. In such case his/her attendance and internal assessment shall be counted from the date of his/her admission to the institution.

12. The remuneration for re-evaluation shall be Rs 6/- per script, subject to minimum of Rs 30/- plus postal expenses. The remuneration for coding the answer scripts for re-evaluation shall be Rs. 0.40/- per script, subject to minimum of Rs. 100/- plus conveyance charges.                

13. The entire correspondence of the re-evaluation cases shall be handled by an officer not lower in rank than the Assistant Secretary of the Section concerned.     

14. Fee once paid by the candidate for re-evaluation of his/her answer scripts shall not be refunded even if his/her result is affected after re-evaluation, However, if the Board is unable to get the answer scripts of any candidate/s re-evaluated due to loss of the same in transit or any other reasons the candidate shall be entitled to refund of full fee paid by him for re-evaluation of the concerned answer scripts.      

15. The result of the re-evaluation shall be binding on the candidates who apply for re-evaluation of their answer scripts. The candidate seeking re-evaluation shall be required to submit an affidavit duly sworn before the Ist Class Magistrate/Public Notary to the effect that the result of the re-evaluation shall be binding on him/her. He/she will also communicate the name of the institution he/she joined, if any.        

16. No further assessment shall be allowed after the receipt of awards from the examiners who re-evaluated the answer scripts.

17. Every effort shall be made to get the answer scripts re- evaluated expeditiously but the Board does not undertake the responsibility of the consequences arising out of the delay in completion of the process of re-evaluation. 




1. If a candidate accepted for an examination is unable to appear in or complete a practical test owing to his/her serious illness or an accident to himself/herself or on account of the death of a near relative on the scheduled date of his/her practical test or on account of any other unforeseen circumstances beyond his/her control, he/she may be given another opportunity of appearing in the test provided he/she can be accommodated within the notified programme and, as far as possible, his/her examiner is the same that would have given him/her the test in the normal course.           

2. The application of such a candidate (under Regulation I above) shall be entertained only if it fulfils the following conditions:-      

(a) It is submitted so as to reach the Add/Joint Secretary not later than five days from the date on which the candidate was incapacitated from appearing in or completing the test.

(b) If it is submitted through the officer who attested the application of the candidate for admission to the examination and who certifies that the candidate could not appear in or complete the test for any of the reasons mentioned in Regulation I above.

(c)  It is accompanied with a fee as given in Schedule-B and a medical certificate from a medical Practitioner of the rank not less than an Assistant Surgeon in case of serious illness or accident. The fee is not refundable even if the request for change is rejected.


3. The application of a candidate who, owing to circumstances beyond his/her control is not in a position to take a practical test on the scheduled date and desires a change in the date within the notified programme shall reach the Add./Joint Secretary not less than five days before the date fixed for the conduct of his/her practical test through the Attesting Authority of his/ her admission form accompanied with prescribed fee which is not refundable even if the request for change is rejected.

4. Notwithstanding any thing contained in the above Regulations the application of a candidate who has missed a practical test and applies for a special test when the practical programme is over, may be considered in exceptional circumstances, subject to the condition that the candidate pays a special fee of Rs 350/- (for each subject ). The fee is not refundable once the request is received in the Board office.



1. Failure by the sub examiner to submit to the Head examiner Rs. 10.00 per day the best instalment of ten answer books or by Head examiner to communicate approval of the standard to the Sub examiner within the prescribed time limit.

2. Failure of the examiner to submit the documents, such as Rs. 05.00 per day award rolls, answer books, report regarding the general for first 5 days and character of answer books marked by him / her, to the Rs. 20.00 per day Head examiner within the time prescribed in the instructions thereafter. 

3. Any omission, error, mistake e.g.,Rs. 02.00 per mistake or omission.

(a) Failure to sign each page of the award rolls.

(b) Failure to sign / initial the corrections made in the award rolls an answer books.

(c)  Difference of marks in words and figures in the award rolls.     

(d)  Failure to fill in the columns on the top of each page on the award rolls.

(e) Erasing entries in the award rolls.

(f)  Writing marks for more than one candidate in the space provided for one candidate

(g) Any other deviation from the instruction issued.

(h) Failure to sign each answer book.

(i) Failure to record the identification mark by the Sub Examiner on the title page of the answer book and

the award rolls.

4.  Failure to despatch the marked answer books in Rs. 50.00 for each accordance with the instructions laid down by the Examination Board in time.

5. For leaving any question or part of the question Rs. 100.00 where the Unmarked by the Head / Single / Sub Examiner and          character of the result is not reported by the checking assistant effected and Rs.50.00 where the result remains unaffectedbut the Division is affected.

6.(a) Wrong transfer of marks from inside to the title    Rs. 10.00 per mistake/page of the answer script or from the answer script  omission to the award rolls.

   (b) Wrong Sub Grand total of question on the title page of answer book.

   (c)  Failure to fill the award rolls as per instructions.

7. In case any other mistake affecting the result of a candidate is detected either by the authorities of the Board or by the result publishing committee / computing agency after the declaration of the result, the examiner concerned as well as the checking assistant will be liable to be disqualified for a period of two to five years.

8. CODING ETC.       

(a)  To leave a script / continuation sheet uncoded  Rs. 100.00 per script uncoded.

(b) (i). Codes not affixed at two places (main script Rs. 10.00 per mistake and code slip).          

     (ii). Variation of code on main script and code slip.   ----------do---------------

     (iii). Wrong transcription of Roll No. to the code file.  ----------do---------------

     (iv). Wrong code on the script.                                 ----------do---------------

     (v). To leave a code number without Roll No.  in the code Rs. 10.00 per mistake file.

     (vi). Wrong transcription of marks from the scripts.      -----------do-------------

3.   a)  Code slips not removed Rs. 05.00 per mistake.

      b)  Roll. No on continuation sheets, map or graph not torn  off. ----------do--------------

4.  Code slips not arranged serially in bundles Rs. 10.00 per bundle.

5.   Incomplete check sheet / proforme Rs. 10.00 each sheet/proforma.

6.   Loss of keys of lock of the trunk or room;                           Double the cost of the 

Scissors, Numbering machine or any other                          item to be recovered.   

      article of permanent nature.

7.   Any other mistake which will not affect the resultof the candidate Rs. 01.00 per mistake

8.    Any other mistake which will affect the result of the candidate Rs. 50.00 per mistake

9.  Leakage of a code will be treated as breach of trust and disqualification for a period of two to five years with forefeiture of remunera-tion/s after a thorough probe.


Disposal of Answer Books and Award Rolls:                                           

 Marked answer books, shall be disposed off by auction six months after and the used attendance sheets, absentee memos Roll No.  slips and award rolls shall be destroyed one year after the declaration of the results relating to the respective examination, to which these documents pertain.            

Rate of Remuneration to Evaluators & Code officers:

S.No.                           PARTICULARS                                   RATE                      



a) Remuneration                                                           Rs. 600/- per 1000 answer–

books (without objective



(b)  Conveyance                                                            Rs.60/-per 1000  answer-books



a) Remuneration                                                           Rs. 200/- per 1000 answer-

books. (without objective paper)


b) Conveyance                                                             Rs. 35/- per 1000 answer- books.



a)  Sec. School Examination                                          Rs. 9.50/- per answer-book of Computer, Math, Urdu/Hindi, SS-I & SC-I.


b)  Sec. School Examination (Science –II                      Rs. 8.50/- per answer-book

& Social Science –II) 


c)  Hr. Sec. Part-II                                                      Rs. 11.00/- per answer- book(For Zoology & Botany Rs. 8.50/- Under Single Paper Scheme).


d)  Conveyance                                                          Rs. 60/- per 30 copies per day


e) Checking –Assistant                                                 Rs. 345/- per thousand answer-books / scripts

subject to a minimum of

Rs. 50/-                                                                      Conveyance - Rs. 60/- per 1000 answer scripts



a)  Sec. School Examination                                          Rs. 5/- per candidate.


b)  Hr. Sec Part-I & II                                                  Rs. 7/- per candidate.


c)  Conveyance                                                            Rs. 60 per session/-



For revision of scripts of Candidates having obtained 75% or above marks or have failed.

 a)  Sec. School Examination                                          Rs. 2.50/- per candidate.


  b)  Hr. Sec. Part – I & II Exams                                   Rs. 3.50/- per candidate.



conveyance Rs.60.00 per session plus


Inspection Charges Rs. 140/- per session plus


VII. MARKS FILE PREPARATION                             Rs. 0.10 per answer book.                  



.By subject expert Rs. 7.00 per answer book


Note :- Evaluators  as are called for evaluation from beyond 13 kms shall be paid T.A / D.A or conveyance as admissible under rules.

Note:-  All the rates of Renumeration have been revised time to time for revised rates contact Accounts section JD/KD